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we are giving away tickets to see michael jackson's immortal world tour. to enter just go to announce a winner every day next week. each person will get four tickets to see the show at the patriot center. we wish you good luck.
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>> 11:34 right now. what is in store? >> rain, changing over to sleep, maybe changing to snow. lower 50's tomorrow. we will see the storm event on monday. by tuesday and wednesday colder air. a chance for another system on friday.
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>> w
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>> live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is saturday news extra, on your side. >> monitoring the growing crisis in ukraine, president obama is calling on vladimir putin to withdraw from the eastern european country. the armed forces are on full ready alert, because of the threat. >> violence filled the streets as pro-russian demonstrators battled the ukrainian government. russian flags were raised. putukraine acting president the country's armed forces on alert grad.
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the gave russians president green light to use force. will be costs for any military intervention in ukraine. >> the president phoned him to express his deep concern over russian violation over ukraine sovereignty. he cautioned his russian counterpart to diffuse tension by withdrawing troops. that message wa reiterated at the united nations. it was a televised session over the objections of russia. could push a tense situation beyond the breaking point. the u.s. could stop taking part in preparations for the g-8 summit in sochi. home, there at
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university of maryland is offering five years of free credit monitoring service because of the data breach. that has been extended from the previous announcement for one year of credit monitoring. had than 300,000 people their social security number stolen. they set up a hotline for students and staff who been impacted. more than 40,000 calls were made in three hours. coming up, a story we will see only on seven, growing concern over the targets of violence. what is being done to keep you safe? weather center, can you believe we're talking about yet another weather storm, and
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>> we are back with a story you will only see on 7. the emergency nurses association says that nationwide there are thousands of assaults oh we on nurses and caregivers.
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they tell us how hospitals and staffers are trying to stop the violence. roomrtually any emergency is an enclave of healing. >> i am in a profession where i'm supposed to be compassionate and caring. >> for some nurses and medical staff -- >> hit, punched, spit at. >> there are times when they don't see it coming. >> she was trying to calm down and agitated patient when suddenly, -- >> she kicked out. i was kicked right in the face. >> fitch is not alone. out of 10 nurses have reported violence at work. former er nurse, and stern says, he has been assaulted 10 times during a 39 year career.
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hunter guy in the face, going to jail. punch a nurse in the face, maybe not. to make an trying assault against an emergency nurse a felony. in virginia, it is a misdemeanor charge punishable by up to 14 days in jail. washington dc and maryland have no special statues. >> this is not part of being an emergency nurse. this is unacceptable behavior. >> many nurses we'll tell you why that workplace violence is an accepted part of the job. that is changing. some hospitals are stepping forward to help. >> most hospitals have secure areas and swipe entries for doors. >> this year at were better in and licensors teaches de-escalation classes. a physical restraint techniques. it is not ok to be verbally attacked or physically attacked
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here . placeis working to make a of healing, without harm, for everyone. >> still ahead, more on the forecast.
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>> i believe by tomorrow morning we should have a better picture of what we can expect. going to be more now casting, rather than forecasting. as the weather develops and we see it happening, that is only get the best picture of what is going on here. it is a very high gradient. suddenly, you will see a lot of snow. others may be slightly disappointed. it depends on how much sleep we will see. a lot of timing going on with this thing. 39 degrees at reagan national airport. the windchill factor, nothing to complain about. it feels like 37 out there. the high was 45 30 considering
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the fact that yesterday's high was 29, we increased it by if dean degrees. the average should be 50. by this time next week, when you head to bed, we will be springing ahead by one hour, as daylight savings goes into effect. temperatures now slowly falling. orwill lose another degree two. at dulles and reagan national at 36 degrees. 39 and fredericksburg grade southern maryland in the upper 30's. air.r he trying to push up from the southwest. that is why we will see the highs tomorrow afternoon. middle 50's for much of the area. last verygoing to long. the cold front moves our way. the big storm out to the west of us. that leads toward the east. from the gulf of mexico, there is that moister.
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that is why it is going to be such a cold storm for parts of the area. still hanging onto the winter storm warning out to the west of us. looking at aa winter storm watch right now. more than likely that will upgrade to a warning tomorrow. some areas may see a weather advisory. snow totals could move our way. i don't think we have a choice. we will get an upgrade. this is what it looks like tomorrow afternoon. changing over to sleep, as we moved throughout the overnight hours on monday. rush-hour commute to change over from sleet to snow. by afternoon, all of this is out of here. skies begin to clear. how much know to expect? our in-houseodel, model. it shows anywhere between four inches of snow to eight inches of snow. i think we can add another one inch to 1.5 inches. thinkinghat we are
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right now. this could shift further south. this could shift her their to the s north. allotted shift to between now and when the snow begins on monday. daytime highs tomorrow, 49-56 degrees. a cold monday. a cold tuesday. the system should be out of here by late monday. then we are watching the potential for a another storm on friday. we will talk about that at another time. we are going to worry about what is going on tomorrow night and monday. >> preparing or hollywood's because
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>> 24 hours away from the biggest night in hollywood. about 26 hours away from knowing who will win best picture. the town's most famous stars will hit the red carpet for the oscars. arch campbell has a preview. with liammovies neeson this weekend with " nonstop. " most of the best picture nominees remain in theaters this weekend. for $40 you can watch five of the nine best picture nominees at theaters in woodbridge, alexandra, and gaithersburg good raisegeles weather will attention.
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forecasters call for up to eight inches of rain in southern california. re of that state's worst droughts breaks. it will make for a warm and steamy show. ellen degeneres spoke with robin americaon "good morning ." >> i have accomplished more than i have ever hope to a, jim metlife. neeson get the text that someone will buy -- kill someone on his flight every 20 minutes. here is the weekend movie guide. four stars for american hustle. and for gravity. and for 12 years a slave. i think one of those three will win the oscar. almost four for the dallas buyers club.
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almost three for about last night. two stars for three days to kill. two stars for nonstop and the willful wall street. abc 7 entertainment. >> watch the oscars tomorrow night starting at 7:00 right here on abc seven.
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>> expect a lot of big changes when dancing with the stars kicks off its new season next week. new cohost. be the the old host was fired along with the bandleader. the new cast will be announced on tuesday. it begins march 18. to hang out with mickey mouse and the other disney characters. disney prices are going up at walt disney world good one to get to the magic kingdom in orlando will now cost $99 for an adult grid that is of four dollars from last year. keep in mind, adults are anyone 10 years old or older. tickets for children ages three to nine yard $93 a day. the is for epcot and
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